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Product list
Rubber mixing machine
Bale Cutter
Internal Mixer
Dispension Kneader for Rubber and Plastic
Two Roll Mixing Mill (A)
Rubber Sheeting Mill
Two Roll Mixing Mill (Bearing)
Two Roll Mixing Mill with Stock Blender
Two roll mixing mill ( H type)
Two Roll Mixing Mill with compact (B)
Battch-off cooler
Rubber vulcanizing machine
Plate Vulcanizing Press (Frame)
Auto Push-Out Mould Press
Retreading Hydraulic Press
Rubbers injection machine
Vacuum press machine
Rotocure machine
Rubber belt splicing vulcanizer
Duplex Full Automatic Hydraulic Press
Plate Vulcanizing Press (Pole)
machanical double-mold tire shaping curing machine
Inner Tube Press
PVC/PU Belt vulcanizing press
Rubber extruder machine
Pin-Barrel Cold Feed Rubber Extruder
Rubber Strainer
Hot Feed Rubber Extruder
Cold Feed Rubber Extruder
Rubber calender machine
Three-Roll Rubber Calender
Four-Roll Rubber Calender
XC-1500 Horizontal Bias Cutter
Fore-Rubber Calender Line
Steel wire cord calendering line
Rubber conveyer belt calendering line
Rubber calender accessories
Rubber inner liner extruding and calendering line
Whole equipment for making tires and tubes
Inner tuber buiding mchine
Tyre building machine
Conveyor belt production line
Conveyor belt vulcanizing machine
Auxiliary Machine for Conveyor Belt
Tyre recycling production line
Tire Shredder
Rubber Refiner
Rubber Cracker Mill
Rubber Grinding Mill
Rubber Pulverizer
Rubber Coarse-Crusher
V Belt production line
Building machine series
V belt cutter machine
Testing laboratory equipment
Grinding machine series
Vulcanizing machine
Auxiliary machine series
Rubber Tile production line
Rubber tile press
Rubber mixing machine
Tyre recap machinery
Sidewall conveyor belt prodcution line
Sidewall belt vulcanizing press
Roughing machine
Moulding equipment
Laboratory equipment
Labortaory mixing mill
Lab Kneader
Rotor less Rheometer
Tentile testing machine
Rubber mixing machine

By Korea-imported technology, this new open type mixing mill has advantages of stable structure, strong mixing capacity and so on.

Rubber vulcanizing machine
The machine applies to vulcanizing various kinds of rubber and plastic model products as well as non-model products.We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard rubber machinery according to the requirements of the customers....
Rubber extruder machine
The machine is used for extruding half-finished rubber products such as tire tread, rubber pipe, inner tube, cable and feeding rubber, etc....
Rubber calender machine
The machine is used for extruding half-finished rubber products such as tire tread, rubber pipe, inner tube, cable and feeding rubber, etc.Without warm-up mill for the extruder, so investment and production cost can be reduced....
Whole equipment for making tires and tubes

whole equipment for making tires and tubes:inner tuber buiding mchine

Conveyor belt production line

Suitable to vulcanize giant conveyer belt such as nylon conveyer belt, common conveyer belt, anti-fire conveyer belt, wire rope conveyer belt etc.The line of Conveyor Belt vulcanizing presses are of high automation level and compact advanced structure.

Tyre recycling production line

The machine is applicable for breaking up complete bias or radial (steel) whole tires. The machine has compact structure, layout reasonable, flexible and reliable operation. Easy installation and maintenance.The shredding chamber is closely mated with the left-hand drive. The power will be effectively transmitted to the cutter shaft.

V Belt production line
For building raw edge v belts synchronous belts and poly- v belts finishing operating such ad cord laying rubber sheet building ect Controlled by PLC and industrial touching screen and parameter is dynamic displayed. . Dual position cord tension unit and four station rubber sheet let off device. ...
Rubber Tile production line
Rubber Tile production line : rubber tile press ...
Tyre recap machinery

This machine is suitable for buffing truck tyres in the retreading process. With the addition of the hand buffing/brushing unit it can be used to buff the shoulder and side wall area of the tyre for full-cap retreading.

Sidewall conveyor belt prodcution line
Laboratory equipment
Characteristics and Uses: Its main function is to can meet our products clients the required quality Ji color, Weile customer requirements, then the experimental results and the ratio used to make lines, but the machine has the means to Shiyan with Yuan Liao and mix well with the agent to the equipment. ...
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