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Hat Yai, Thailand will increase shipments of rubber center
Time :2010-11-5

Comprehensive news media on November 4, Thai Rubber Association Luckchai Kittipol said, as the floods receded, from the commercial center of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, the city of shipments of natural rubber may be increased as early as Thursday.

Rubber is also a Thaihua Luckchai public company the CEO said on Wednesday, to Padang Besar of Penang (Penang) port shipments in the land will return tomorrow to the relatively normal level; Hat Yai City, yesterday and today there is no rain, so the flood will soon be subside. About 25% of the city of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, rubber, land transportation from the Penang state export to Malaysia, the number in the thousands of tons per day.

Luckchai said that in Bangkok and Songkhla shipments through the port so far received almost no impact.

Hat Yai, a trader said on Wednesday, flooding has caused some delays in shipments, but with the restoration of traffic in some areas, the situation has improved. The dealer also said there may be few days delay, but everything will be normal after the flood subsided.

Although Thailand's rubber production in the fourth quarter slowdown may be due to rainfall, Luckchai said, as a whole, production or remain relatively flat. Estimated 310-320 million tons, east, north and southeast of the production will increase supply.

Thailand's rubber production in 2009 to 320 million tons.

Luckchai that contribute about 75% of southern Thailand, rubber production in Thailand, more than 80% lower than in the past.

However, traders said, even if maintained at the same level of production , supply remains tight, due to continuing bad weather this year and rebound in global demand driven economic recovery. This has pushed rubber prices rose this year, spot prices hovering at record highs.

0535 GMT, the benchmark Shanghai Futures Exchange in May Natural rubber futures rose 3.8% to 1,205 yuan or 32,980 yuan per ton. Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand benchmark rubber contract in June RSS3 latest baht rose 1.4 124.9 baht per kg. The two exchanges are at record high prices.

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