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Bio-plastic manufacturers industrial R & D Speed
Time :2010-11-5

Although the use of bioplastics in the world plastics consumption is still accounted for only 1% of 230 million tons, but as raw materials for renewable bio-chemicals, new plastics will soon be universal, some biodegradable plastics such as polylactic acid (PLA), Poly hydroxy alkyl esters (PHA) and starch-based blends are packaged consumer goods and food service industry for more applications. Analysts pointed out that consumer goods on bio-based plastic products, demand is increasing, these new demands are prompting manufacturers to develop the existing production from renewable raw materials, plastic or some new technology.

Some renewable chemicals company has targeted up to 1.3 trillion dollars (about 933 billion euros) in the global polymer market, raw materials are succinic acid, acrylic acid, levulinic acid, sorbitol, ethylene, ethylene glycol, butanediol, adipic acid, furan, propylene glycol and glycerol.

Brazil's Braskem Company in Brazil was the end of September Triunfo petrochemical complex in the commissioning of its new ethanol from sugar cane as the raw material of 20 tons / year of green polyethylene (PE) device. The company said it also plans to build a green PE device. Put into operation a new production plant for more than 80% have been to Europe, U.S. and Asian clients, including Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, Japan, Shiseido Company and Toyota, the Swiss packaging group Tetra Pak Corporation. Among them, P & G in 2011 in some of its hair care products and cosmetics in the use of green PE packaging. Analysts pointed out that, Braskem's green PE only the first step, if oil prices stabilize at 90 dollars / barrel, all the bio-plastic production technology has the potential for industrialization.

Bio-succinic acid manufacturers Myriant, DNP DSM green technology companies based in the march of renewable and low-cost poly-butyl acetate succinate (PBS) and polyurethane (PU) of the potential market. DNP green technology companies, according to U.S. statistics, the global demand for petrochemical routes PBS produced approximately 3,000 tons / year, if the current bio-based succinic acid monomer by the product substitution, is expected to increase demand for PBS to 50,000 tons / year. DNP green technology company has been promoting PBS products in the market, and its bio-based succinic acid content of raw materials more than 51%, modified the application of PBS, including coffee, cover, cups, plates, plastic cutlery, straws, stir sticks, disposable razors, writing instruments and cosmetics packaging.

Netherlands-based specialty chemicals company DSM has planned and starch derivatives producer Roquette of France set up various joint venture owned 50% of Reverdia company, from the PBS production of bio-bio-based succinic acid derivatives. DSM has to EcoPaXX brands bio-based plastics, it contains 70% castor oil-based bio-materials, is expected within 5 years, EcoPaXX products will be 100% renewable products; also sell bio-composite resin Palapreg ECO, It contains 55% renewable materials. In addition, DSM is produced by the U.S. Segetis acetyl ketone-based polymer, and the U.S. jointly developed Novomer aliphatic carbon-based polycarbonate resin.

For lower cost alternatives to petroleum-based plastic demand has become the key to the development of renewable raw materials. Many renewable chemicals company in the United States in September, held in Boston, Massachusetts, bio-based chemicals that the eastern summit, to survive in the market, renewable chemicals, particularly in the cost of plastic must be less than traditional plastic. European Bioplastics Association, said the conventional petroleum based plastics are still relatively cheap, but the bio-plastics in the next few years will be applied to more sectors. In the field of consumer electronics and automotive, bio-plastics huge potential applications, if some of the bottlenecks can be a breakthrough product is the price of bioplastics and conventional plastics can be achieved a considerable level.

Durable plastic downstream users are waiting for the new industrialization of renewable-based plastic. After years of development, the cost of biodegradable plastics industry is constantly reduced. U.S. manufacturer NatureWorks PLA resin production company Ingeo has already reached a certain size, cost and performance can be comparable with petroleum-based plastics.

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