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The high price of rubber tire prices an up reminders 50
Time :2010-11-5

Year, the international natural rubber prices from 8000 yuan / ton soared to 27,000 yuan / ton, up more than 300% of the total, exceeding the 1952 record. Such a high price for the downstream increase rubber production companies are finally barely.

Some well-known tire manufacturer, said in an interview, tire prices is a foregone conclusion, the average increase will reach 10% to 15%, get cheap tires, according to a 10% increase, would raise prices 50 to each tire 70 yuan.

And rubber gloves, a dollar from the original price to 1.3 yuan to 1.4 yuan.

Even so, analysts still expect an increase in demand, reduced production and financial speculation in the background, the natural rubber price situation will continue.


Tire prices a rose to rise

Rubber products manufacturers to transfer only through price increases cost pressures, the world's leading tire manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and horse brand, has 10% price increase this year, -15% in general, there are manufacturers claim is preparing a new round of price increases.

The most mainstream of the market economy car tires, for example, the original price is generally 500 to 700 yuan each. If price increases of 10%, increase in the 50-70 per tire yuan.

Hankook Tire Company Head of Public Relations Huang Qingyan, said in an interview, Hankook Tire from September 1 this year, raised some of the common specifications from product prices, increase the retail price range of roughly 2% -5%, before , Hankook Tire has been in this year's February and May have twice raised prices.

In addition to the tire industry, gloves, water bottle and other daily necessities are quietly prices.

Ye Eun Qingdao Trading Company is a company engaged in rubber glove production business enterprises, the company responsible Wuyu Yu told reporters that the rubber costs rose, they do a lot of pressure for small businesses. Starting from August this year, their costs rose three percent, glove prices have to rise.

"Not only is our family, the industry in price, otherwise there is no profit to speak of," said Wu Yuyu, the original 1 dollar out of the domestic wholesale ultra-thin latex gloves, and now sold for 1.3 yuan to 1.4 yuan, now the rubber Gloves were tested price of the industry growth trend, some companies have even conducted a second round of price adjustment.

Incoming hot money

Into a driving force behind the high price of rubber

Secretary-General Deng Yali China Rubber Industry Association, said in an interview that the recent skyrocketing prices of natural rubber, in addition to the supply gap, the main reason is the availability of funds since September to enter, in the "demand tension" against the backdrop of speculation.

She believes that the current rubber prices have far exceeded the normal range. At present all the relevant rubber products are subject to this round of price shocks, particularly the tire business. According to Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch of data, business costs rose by 30%, loss-making enterprises increased, the loss of 20.9%.

Deng Yali said the cost of the tire business and its downstream crisis is likely to wave the car industry. Therefore, in order to stabilize rubber prices, the association will urge the Government to sell reserves of plastic, rubber, also called on the Government to reduce import duties to ease the current supply and demand pattern.

Strong demand

Or difficult to ease tensions

However, foreign analysts expect to run in the high rubber prices will not weaken the momentum temporarily. Inadequate supply of natural rubber, but its demand is increasing.

Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries forecast strong growth in auto demand and lower production, will force China in October to December quarter of rubber imports rose 41.5%.

Industry insiders estimate that the beginning of this round of the tire from the September wave of price increases will continue until the end of the year, local dealers as stocks, there may be price increases before the end after another. The future, if rubber prices remain high, a new round of price increases inevitable.

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