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Zhejiang plastic over 220 billion yuan of market transactions online
Time :2010-11-5

Plastic City in Zhejiang use of the electronic platform for online trading market, with 6 years to complete the physical market than a decade to complete the transactions, since opening, has a total turnover of 18 million tons of plastic, to achieve turnover of more than 220 billion yuan.

Created in November 2004 Plastic City in Zhejiang online trading market, through the integration of modern computer and information technology, marketing operations technology, modern logistics technology and modern financial technology, developed in the plastic warehouse receipts, e-commerce transactions in plastic models of two spot . Among them, the plastic stock trading patterns as the national pilot project information, access to national high-tech industry development 4.5 million yuan of funds to support project development. Their online trading patterns have also been involved in plastic at home and abroad attention and participation of enterprises, as SMEs in developing low-carbon trade, an important tool to reduce transaction costs. Since its inception, the rapid growth in market turnover, has a total turnover of 18 million tons of plastic, to achieve turnover of more than 220 billion yuan. Since 2006, the online market, accounting for 4 consecutive years the turnover of China Plastic City, Yuyao, 50% of the total trading volume for more than an online recycling China Plastics City. 1 ~ 10 months of this year, online market total turnover more than 300 million tons of plastic, turnover more than 32 billion yuan.

Currently, the online e-commerce market innovation model has been highly recognized by the Ministry of Science, in September of this year, online market, "plastic electronic commerce and logistics services throughout the technology development and demonstration and application," subject to be included in the national science and technology support projects.

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