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Twice in the mobile phone inject vitality into the development of rubber ind
Time :2010-10-28

Triple play so far, the Chinese 3G in terms of infrastructure or the development of business applications have made great progress, 3G subscriber numbers growing, 3G's influence over the social, work, all aspects of life. 3G applications, especially in the business application level, innovative attempts are bearing fruit. Among them, 700 million mobile phone users in such a large consumer groups to establish the phone TWICE platform favored by many businesses, especially in traditional industries in the lack of information resources, growth of SMEs.

This reporter has learned, mobile portal is the most robust mobile development Twice in one of the services, enterprise portal platform to show through building its own products, while developing franchisees, in order to achieve win-win cooperation to achieve the diversification of profit, Shijiazhuang Central Plains Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company involved earlier.

Today, rubber and plastics technology has been integrated into all areas of life, such as automotive interior and exterior parts , televisions, computers, mobile phones, toys, doors, windows, wrap the food, beverage bottles and medical supplies. For the development and application of rubber and plastics industry of space, a number of industry associations are optimistic attitude, rubber and raw materials great potential in various fields.

Mr. Li Zhongyuan Rubber Shijiazhuang, said that since April last year, industry portals in China to build a wireless network alliance rubber raw materials in China Portal (www.zgxszpw.mobi), the company will be based on the one hand and the information industry, with one hand and industrial entities , with solid backing of a powerful industry, through the information platform for ordinary users and businesses to provide domestic and international news, industry trends, exhibitions, products, enterprises, supply and demand, and other valuable information, but also to strengthen the chain of cooperation between a rare opportunity, so many joined the company completed the initial construction of information technology.

In response, industry analysts said that information is the business of soft power. For enterprises, plant expansion, acquisition of facilities, expansion, increasing the strength of capital and other hardware upgrade requires a lot of real money, so the relatively weak strength of SMEs, strengthening the soft power is clearly more economical, but also more viable approach. A renowned information technology expert LUAN Yun-feng said, "only the function is not associated with, not mutual aid, the information is not shared, no communication, business process and application of disjointed information module 'synergy' up, the internal operation to cycle No lag, management and integration of hard power to achieve maximum efficiency. Otherwise, the soft power out of the question. " Rubber and plastic raw materials in China to join one of the portal is to help provide a platform for information sharing and exchange.

Recently, dual-mode platform Shijiazhuang ---- Zhongyuan Rubber Co., rubber raw materials in China has been in trial operation of the portal to obtain the initial rate of return, Lee glad to say that only the most able to help the consumer demand for personalized services to meet the future needs of people's lives and work needs, believe that the Chinese rubber for the rubber industry portal into the development of energy, but also will promote the rapid development of rubber industry, while creating industry brand, and gradually establish a public image, and the Association of marriage, create its own industry brands.

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