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Malaysia boosts NR output, exports, imports
Time :2010-10-28

KUALA LUMPUR—Malaysia posted increases in natural rubber production, exports and imports in July 2010 compared with the previous month, according to the latest figures from the Department of Statistics, Malaysia.

Only NR exports increased, however, compared with Malaysia’s statistics from the previous year.

Malaysia produced a total of 81,083 metric tons of NR in July, an increase of 14.8 percent over the 70,745 metric tons recorded in June, according to the Department of Statistics’ latest report. However, the July production figure was down 2.2 percent from the 82,904 metric tons produced in July 2009.

NR exports from Malaysia totaled 75,505 metric tons in July, up 5.8 percent over June and 22.5 percent over July 2009. Some 71,318 metric tons of the exported rubber was Standard Malaysian Rubber, of which 55.6 percent was SMR 20 or tire-grade, the department said. China bought 35.3 percent of the export total, making it the biggest consumer of Malaysian rubber and far above the second-biggest, Germany, with 14.5 percent.

Malaysia imported a total of 57,033 metric tons of NR in July, up 14.8 percent over June but down 17.1 percent from July 2009, the department said. Latex concentrate accounted for slightly over half of all NR imports, and Thailand, at 63.5 percent, was by far the biggest importer.

NR consumption during July 2010 was 38,184 metric tons, up 6.2 percent from June 2010 and down 8.7 percent from July 2009. The Malaysian rubber glove industry consumed 72.4 percent of the rubber, compared with the Malaysian tire and tube industry consuming 8 percent.

NR stocks in Malaysia amounted to 118,805 metric tons in July 2010, up 1.4 percent over June 2010 and down 15.5 percent from July 2009, the department said.

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